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24/7 Award-Winning Customer Service:

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Are You Snoring Yourself To Death?
5 years ago I almost died from sleep apnea (OSA.) My nights were filled with snoring, multiple bathroom trips and kicking and punching. One morning I was so exhausted I could hardly get out of bed. It was then that I decided I must go and get help or die.

I drove to the medical supply store. I was told that I had to undergo a sleep study to obtain a prescription for a CPAP machine. I called the doctor’s office and was given the shocking news: It would take 3 months to get into a clinic for a sleep study. I told the nurse, “I’ll be dead in 3 months.”

Driving home I kept saying to myself, “If I could just open up my obstruction while sleeping, then my tongue couldn’t fall back far enough to close off my air and I couldn’t have the OSA episodes.” It seemed to me that OSA was a mechanical failure of the tongue falling back when relaxed during sleep.

I got home and started researching causes of snoring and apnea. Thankfully I found ZenSleep's All In One Kit with ZenGuard that held my tongue forward and opened up my obstruction that caused my snoring and apnea.

Before, my snoring echoed all the way into the kitchen. Now, my daughter has to turn the light on to see if I’m sleeping. It’s not a cure-all for snoring or OSA but it has a high success rate. You’ll love it and so will everybody else who has to live with you!
Stephen Matthews
ZenSleep user since 2013
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